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Sophia Mancini ~ Little Italy Mysteries


From Mangia to Murder

Sophia Mancini would have enjoyed the grand opening celebration of her family’s private detective agency if the volatile chef at Vincenzo’s Ristorante had actually survived the meal.

But before Sophia’s chilled spoon hit the spumoni, someone plunged a knife into Vincenzo’s back and the word on everyone’s lips went frommangia to murder.

Sophia soon finds herself trailing crime boss Frankie Vidoni, chatting with his mouthy mistress Maria, and dodging henchman Mooch DiMuccio. She’s suspicious of Vincenzo’s widow, Stella, and his assistant chef, Eugene, because they don’t appear the least bit dismayed by Vincenzo’s passing. There is no conversation Sophia won’t eavesdrop on, no question she won’t ask, and no danger she won’t face to find the killer.


Lights Out in Little Italy

It’s no secret in Little Italy that Johnny and Cici Canadetti are fabulously wealthy and utterly crazy. Halfway through their dinner party from hell, Sophia Mancini decides to abandon her plans to woo the couple as potential clients for her family’s new business. No amount of the Canadetti’s money would be worth putting up with their vulgar and wild ways.


But before Sophia and her brother Angelo are able to leave, the storm knocks out the power and the Canadetti mansion is pitched into blackness. When the lights finally come back on the guests discover that one member of their party has left, permanently.


As the blame for the murder centers on Angelo, Sophia vows to do everything she can to clear his name, even if it means undertaking a dangerous deception to find the killer.

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