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Royal Romance

A Royal Chef Cover.jpg

A Royal Chef

When Tex-Mex chef Madison Bishop receives an invitation from her old college friend Princess Helena to collaborate on a fundraising project, she's delighted to accept the offer. Once she arrives in Aidinovia, Madison is enchanted with the entire Tollvi Royal Family, the picturesque European principality, and she's especially intrigued by a palace driver named Luis.

However, Madison soon learns that Luis is not at all what he seems to be. He's handsome and charming, but unfortunately, he's also a prince. Which means that his life as a royal, and hers as a restaurant owner from North Texas, are completely incompatible. But although Madison's mind accepts this, her traitorous heart longs for a happily ever after.


A Royal Christmas Wish

Despite the fact that she's looking forward to spending Christmas in Aidinovia, Graciela Mendoza Hernandez knows that this will be the last holiday she spends with Prince Alejandro of Santa Rosa. Alejandro is everything she loves in a man, he's handsome, charming, smart, funny and loyal. He's also unattainable. So Graciela decides to give herself the Christmas gift of a new life, one without Alejandro at the center of it.

As the Crown Prince of Santa Rosa, Alejandro is a man used to getting what he wants. And what he wants now is to understand why his longtime friend and confidant, Graciela, is suddenly acting so distant with him. The very thought of her moving away makes his heart ache. He knows he has to do something, or the unthinkable will happen and he'll lose Graciela forever.

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