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Although she has more than twenty books published in more than ten languages, Caroline doesn’t consider herself an author as much as a word wrangler.
To her mind, sitting down to write a new book is like setting out on an old-fashioned cattle drive. Only instead of moving several hundred heads of cattle to the upcountry, her task is to guide twenty-six letters from the spark of a story idea to their final destination of ‘The End’. Along the way the plot line often veers off track and needs to be brought back in line, characters wander off and need to be lassoed back with the others, and some days spent in front of the computer screen feel every bit as difficult as fourteen straight hours in a saddle.
There are writing days when the dust is thick and the sun is hot, and faith and hope are the only things driving the story forward. But then there are moments when the words flow effortlessly, and the experience is much like sitting around a roaring campfire on a night when the breeze is cool and the sky is littered with stars.
Finally, often just as exhaustion is about to set in, the end of the trail comes in to sight, pages are corralled, a final word count is done, and the story is delivered to readers before it’s time to hit the trail again.

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