Romantic Comedies

  • A Love so True

    London – 1940 

    As German bombs rain down upon the city of London, Emma Bradley hastily packs a suitcase, cradles her newborn son in her arms, and boards a train with two evacuee children she’s agreed to chaperone in exchange for a job in the south of England. Although she’s only one of thousands leaving the city, Emma is fleeing more than the horrors of war. Her greatest fear is that the father of her child will track her down and exact revenge for what she’s stolen from him. World renowned Dutch concert pianist Andrej Van der Hoosen is a man who cherishes his privacy above all else. His wealth and privilege have afforded him the luxury of avoiding being around children because of a painful loss from his own past. So, when he meets the woman and children he’ll reside with for the duration of the war, he’s instantly on guard. The children are boisterous and full of life, the cottage they’re assigned to live in is small, and he finds himself intrigued by the secret Emma is so clearly trying to hide.

    Despite their reluctance to trust each other, Emma and Andrej soon find themselves drawn together in a world torn apart by war.

    WW2 Romance-A Love so True-Caroline Mick
  • Between Your Heart and Mine


    ‘Coming in Spring 2020’


Contemporary Romance

  • The Wedding Favor

    When Ava McKenna left the neighborhood she grew up in, she never planned to look back. And for ten years she didn’t. Not until Mateo Ortega, the handsome and charming boy next door, showed up to ask for her help. Mateo needed a favor, actuallyhe needed a pretend fiancée, and he thought Ava would be the perfect woman for the charade. Ava knew that she owed the Ortega family a favor but when she looked into Mateo’s gorgeous brown eyes she realized that repaying an old debt might jeopardize her heart.

    The Wedding Favor - Caroline Mickelson.j
  • The Wedding Chapel

    Having worked in a Las Vegas Wedding Chapel for many years, Bella Johnson thought she’d seen it all when it came to spur of the moment weddings. Until the morning when she woke up in bed with a handsome and charming Brit she’d met only the day before who claimed they were now married. Neither Bella nor Colin had any recollection of saying ‘I do’, although their respective grandparents assured them they’d done just that. As she and her new husband worked together to discover the truth, Bella learned that the truth was a tricky thing because what her mind hoped they’d discover was not at all what her heart wanted.

    The Wedding Chapel-Amazon.jpg
  • The Wedding Charade

    Divorce attorney Kayla Brooks knows more about broken marriages than is healthy for any woman’s heart. So, when her college-aged niece joyfully announces her engagement, Kayla is determined to derail the wedding plans. To her mind, saving Whitney from an early marriage is saving her from inevitable heartbreak.

    Football coach and single dad Zander Reed’s world is rocked when his twenty-two-year-old son announces he’s going to marry a girl Zander didn’t even know Matt was dating. Because he married far too young himself, Zander’s desperate to keep his son from repeating his mistake. United by their concern, Kayla and Zander join forces to convince the young lovebirds to postpone their wedding. But their carefully laid plans go awry as the lines between reality and ruse blur, leaving Kayla and Zander to wonder if they aren’t the ones who need to learn a lesson about true love.

    The Wedding Charade - Caroline Mickelson
  • The Christmas Wedding Surprise

    ‘Coming in 2020’

    The Christmas Wedding Surprise.jpg

Royal Romance

  • A Royal Chef

    A Royal Chef Cover_edited.jpg

    When Tex-Mex chef Madison Bishop receives an invitation from her old college friend Princess Helena to collaborate on a fundraising project, she's delighted to accept the offer. Once she arrives in Aidinovia, Madison is enchanted with the entire Tollvi Royal Family, the picturesque European principality, and she's especially intrigued by a palace driver named Luis.

    However, Madison soon learns that Luis is not at all what he seems to be. He's handsome and charming, but unfortunately, he's also a prince. Which means that his life as a royal, and hers as a restaurant owner from North Texas, are completely incompatible. But although Madison's mind accepts this, her traitorous heart longs for a happily ever after.

  • A Royal Christmas Wish

    A Royal Christmas Wish.jpg

    Despite the fact that she's looking forward to spending Christmas in Aidinovia, Graciela Mendoza Hernandez knows that this will be the last holiday she spends with Prince Alejandro of Santa Rosa. Alejandro is everything she loves in a man, he's handsome, charming, smart, funny and loyal. He's also unattainable. So Graciela decides to give herself the Christmas gift of a new life, one without Alejandro at the center of it.

    As the Crown Prince of Santa Rosa, Alejandro is a man used to getting what he wants. And what he wants now is to understand why his longtime friend and confidant, Graciela, is suddenly acting so distant with him. The very thought of her moving away makes his heart ache. He knows he has to do something, or the unthinkable will happen and he'll lose Graciela forever.

  • Witch Weigh

    Tessa Von Hellengaard is a real witch. Magical spells aside, she’s snarky and selfish, and the other witches in her silent spell coven are fed up with her. Their plan to reform Tessa involves taking away her magic, saddling her with one hundred extra pounds, and sending her to a weight loss spa. For good measure they call in Liam Kennedy, a charming and sexy fairy godfather, to teach her some manners. Desperate to regain her magic and determined to shed the weight, Tessa soon realizes that protecting her heart from Liam will prove to be her greatest challenge.

    Witch Weigh-Amazon.jpg
  • Witch Christmas

    The thought of spending Christmas with her new fairy godparent in-laws is enough to send newlywed witch Tessa Von Hellengaard Kennedy hunting for a spell to get her out of the trip. But no amount of magic is going to help, especially when her coven members temporarily take away her magic, leaving her only three spells to get her through the holidays. It takes Tessa no time at all to stir up trouble, get in way over her head, and realize that three spells don’t stretch very far at all.

    Witch Christmas_edited.jpg
  • Magic Wand Ranch

    Fiona Cantrell is a woman on a mission. More aptly put, she’s a Fairy Godmother on a mission. Her dream of moving to London is about to come true now that all that stands between her and her new job is a few unpacked suitcases. Or so she thinks until her old boss shows up with one more little task for her to complete before she leaves for Europe. Her new assignment involves a handsome cowboy named Cody, his two rascally nephews, and a mountain of laundry…all of which should be no problem for any self-respecting Fairy Godmother.

    While Fiona manages to handle the laundry and the boys, she quickly learns that she’s not immune to Cody’s considerable charm. It takes everything she’s got to stay focused on completing her task so she can head to London. But when tragedy strikes, Fiona realizes that it will take more magic than she has to try to save a life and mend her own broken heart.

    Magic Wand Ranch - Amazon.jpg
  • Mermaid Inc.

    Adamantly opposed to commercial whaling, Miranda happily trades her fin for human legs when she’s given the opportunity to work as a maid for a man in charge of public relations for a large Japanese whaling firm. Miranda soon finds out that she loves pedicures, favors bikinis over clamshells, and that she’s a natural disaster when it comes to human housework. There’s so much about the human world she doesn’t understand. Why does Justin Lockheed, her handsome boss, make her heart race and her knees weak? And just what is she supposed to do when it comes time to choose between advancing her cause and destroying his career?

    Mermaid Inc PD.jpeg
  • Maid for Love

    Despite the fact that her love life is a disastrous mess, Zoe Watson’s cleaning service, Maid for Love, is enjoying record profits. Her crew handles the removal of household dust and clutter, leaving Zoe free to use her special gift for memory alteration to erase her client’s painful memories. But although she can wipe the slate clean for clients, she’s had far less luck erasing thoughts of her ex-boyfriend, Michael Archer, from her own heart. So when she runs into Michael, and suspects he might remember her after all, she decides the best way to keep her heart safe is to get close enough to him to modify his memory, without breaking her heart. Or getting caught.

    Maid For Love-Amazon.jpg
  • Magic, Romance & More

    Magic, Romance & More is a collection of four light paranormal romantic comedy novellas including: Witch Weigh, Magic Wand Ranch, Mermaid Inc., and Maid for Love.

    Magic, Romance, and More.jpeg

World War II Romance

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