New Releases


I’m delighted to announce that my newest novella, One Night in the Bayou, the second story in the Miss Prim & Proper mystery series, is now available on Amazon.

Ignoring the fact that the Russian mob has a hit out on her, Stephanie St. James, AKA Miss Prim & Proper, throws herself into planning a glamping trip for Swamp Team Three. It’s an uphill battle to convince Fortune, Gertie, and her great-aunt Ida Belle that they’ll enjoy a weekend filled with facials, pedicures, and girl talk.

What Stephanie doesn’t plan on is the discovery of a familiar looking corpse outside of their cabin or the arrival of a sexy F.B.I. Agent. But within the space of only a few hours, Ida Belle is arrested for murder, Agent Kase Mayeux becomes a shadow Stephanie can’t shake, and Fortune manages to commit a felony even though she’s under house arrest. The only way Stephanie sees out of the situation is to offer herself up as bait to a vengeful mobster, which is a risk she’s just crazy enough to take.





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